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Morocco Private Tours & Itineraries:

Our Morocco Private Tours and Itineraries are beautifully designed to suit everyone's travel needs in Morocco. Our team of experienced staff are devoting their time and expertise to plan and make routes that are fully customized and cover all the hidden delights of Morocco. We focus on showing the Real Morocco to all our guests and listen to their needs very carefully in order to deliver the best service no other company or guide offer.

The Ultimate Morocco
                  15 Days

If you want to hit Morocco’s highlights, this is your adventure. Wander through kasbahs, spice markets and cities pulsing with energy on this comprehensive trip. Climb onto a camel and explore the edge of the Sahara before admiring the views from the heights of the Atlas Mountains. Experience the energy of imperial cities as you explore souks stuffed with exotic wares. Then take a moment to appreciate this amazing adventure as you camp under the stars among some of the world's biggest sand dunes.

The Majestic Morocco
                  14 Days

The winding streets of Morocco’s ancient medinas are bursting with so many colours and flavours that you’ll be planning a return visit soon after arrival. Explore the souks and streets of Marrakech, head to a luxury desert camp on an overnight 4x4 excursion, explore Atlas Mountains' villages and unwind on the coast in Essaouira. Travel is comfortable and well-paced and our expert guide will be on hand to offer context and reveal its hidden gems. By focusing on the energy of the people, you'll discover the true treasures of Morocco.

The Classical Morocco
                  11 Days

Watch the sun rise above the highest sand dunes in Morocco and journey through fresh cedar forests in the Atlas Mountains. From the bustling souks of imperial cities and meandering lanes of old medinas, travel into the heart of Morocco without foregoing comfort. Get off the beaten path while exploring mudbrick kasbahs and conquering Saharan sand dunes by 4x4. With comfortable accommodation and transport by private air-conditioned van arranged by your CEO, you'll be free to experience Morocco's Roman heritage and Islamic grandeur in style.

The Atlas Trek Morocco
                  14 Days

Morocco's Atlas Mountains run from the Atlantic to the Sahara through the middle of the country. Their environment is harsh - baking hot in summer, snow-covered in winter - but the surprisingly fertile valleys allow the Berber tribes to cultivate a large variety of crops. The High Atlas, Middle Atlas and the Anti Atlas each have their own characteristics, but they are all perfect locations for walking and trekking. In early spring the slopes of the Anti Atlas are gently coloured with the pale pink and white of almond blossom, while summertime in the High Atlas provides the stark contrast of lush green barley in the irrigated valleys at the foot of the barren rock strata above.

The  Jewish Heritage
                  11 Days

The first organized religion in Morocco came 3000 years ago.  The Berber indigenous embraced Judaism and the two communities have lived side-by-side since the first Jewish settlers arrived in Morocco. They have coexisted as two communities within Morocco, sharing a cultural background as the greater "Moroccan" people, yet differing in their religious beliefs. Because of the openness that each community had towards the other, Morocco has become a unique place for Jewish heritage, culture and history. Join us to explore a society rooted in Jewish rituals and beliefs!  

The Kasbah Trail
              8 Days

Our expeditions/retreats are a marvelous way to discover the beauty and mystic of the Sahara desert in Morocco. We travel at a slow pace with the rhythm of nature, almost in silence. You can walk holding the harness of your camel if you wish, or ride it when you feel tired. The camel caravan, conducted by a professional chief and his assistants transporting your tents and all your necessities for the journey.  Camel trek Caravan will progress four to five hours a day.This is a mobil bivouac from one oasis to another camping over the dunes of Merzouga and Erg Chebbi.

The Imperial Cities
              7 Days

Nothing could be more introductive of Morocco's captivating qualities than its Majestic Imperial cities. With a powerful history thousands of years old, exceptional cultural and social diversity, and immeasurable intellectual depth, Morocco's distinctive nature enriches all who experience it.

If you have only 8 days to spend in Morocco, this is the best tour for you to explore the history, architecture, culture and cuisine of this fascinating country. You will visit Rabat, Meknes, Volubilis, Fez, then the Atlas Mountains which lead to the best man-made oasis on earth, namely Marrakech.

The Northern Morocco
                   7 Days

Immerse yourself in the exotic colours and cultures that define Morocco. From the imperial cities of Meknes and Rabat to the whitewashed town of Chefchaouen, the rich history and traditions of this ancient land await. Discover the medieval city of Fes, explore the spice markets of the medinas and travel to the Roman ruins of Volubilis - this northbound tour lets you soak up the extravagant sights and revel in the hidden delights. With us you will learn a lot about Morocco and understand its diversity in many ways.

The Gardens Tour
              9 Days

Morocco is a country of contrasts; the maze of the medinas and exotic souks of Fez and Marrakech, hidden courtyard gardens, long views to the dramatic Atlas Mountains and warm, hospitable people who are happy to share their culture,traditions and valuable knowledge about Morocco.

The gardens visited give a balance of intimate courtyard gardens with vibrant plants, colourful tiles and splashing water, and country gardens known as J'nanat (gardens of paradise) which have an emphasis on orchards and decorative herb gardens. We visit the Atlas Mountains where the Berbers tend their terraced fields and flocks of sheep and goats.

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