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Morocco's Festivals & Celebrations

The Festival of World Sacred Music(June)

The most prominent annual festival in Morocco, the Festival of World Sacred Music attracts visitors and performers from all over the world to share spiritual music from their cultures. Sacred music doesn't mean that the music performed is necessarily religious; rather that the music will lift viewers' spirits as musicians display a variety of styles, from European classical to Sufi music, African classical guitar to Japanese drumming and American gospel.

Sefrou Cherry festival(June)

This festival with sports, music and folklore events celebrates the cherry harvest, culminating in the coronation of the Cherry Queen, in the pretty Berber town of Sefrou, 30km (18.5 miles) southeast of Fès nestled on the slopes of the Middle Atlas Mountains.

Kalaa M’gouna Rose festival(May)

In the Dades Valley in Morocco a small oasis town Kelaa-des-Mgouna is home to Morocco's largest rose water distillery plant. The entire town is fragrant and the spectacular harvest in May is celebrated with song and dance.

Essaouira Gnawa and world music festival(June)

A music festival based on the traditions of Gnawa music has grown to include musicians from all over the world. This successful annual festival has been around for a decade and venues are dotted all around the picturesque town of Essaouira.Gnawa music is a combination of acrobatic dancing as well as music. Its origins lie in a unique mixture of Berber, African and Arabic songs, religious rites and dance.

Marrakech popular Arts festival(July)

Marrakech Popular Arts Festival attracts folk singers, dancers, fortune-tellers, acting troupes, snake charmers, fire-swallowers and more, from all over Morocco. Since 2000 the festival has also attracted many artists and entertainers from Europe and Asia. The main events take place in the ruins of the 16 century Badi Palace and the Djemma el Fna (main town square). Not to be missed, outside the city walls at night, is the Fantasia. A horse-riding spectacle that includes hundreds of charging horsemen (and women) wearing traditional clothing.

Erfoud Dates festival(September-October)

More than a million date palms are grown in the Erfoud region and after harvest, the party really starts. Local tribesmen come together for a 3 day festival dedicated to the sticky and delicious date. Berber tents play host to traditional dancing, food and music. There's also a dromedary race, which shouldn't be missed.

Marrakech international movie festival(November)

The always lively central Place Djemaa el-Fna sets the stage for Marrakech’s International Film Festival. The city’s central square, is transformed into an open-air cinema. Festival visitors in the past have included Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Susan Sarandon, David Lynch and many others.


Imilchil Marriage festival(September)

The Imilchil Marriage Feast is a Berber marriage festival where up to forty couples tie the knot. It takes place in Imilchil in the Middle-High Atlas Mountains near Marrakech. The festival is a great way to experience Berber culture including music and dance.

When time for pleasure comes, when it is just the right moment to enjoy life and catch the uniqueness of an unforgettable experience, Morocco will be just the right scenario.
Exceptional weather, magic of the light, Smells of the spices, gentle way of life – Morocco is a fashionable destination – it is an exciting country offering wide contrasts and unexpected pleasures- Ranging from trendy cities to rural villages - vast landscapes, from magnificent mountain ranges to deserts.
Morocco is a country of sun and light. Its privileged geographical position and its moderate climate make it beloved with Music and film Stars, Fashion designers, Hollywood and independent film makers, who have been coming here for decades to create their works.

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