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Morocco lies in North Africa, with its borders touching the Mediterranean Sea and Spain in the north, Algeria in the east and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Rabat is the capital of Morocco, while Casablanca (the city that spins a hundred dreams) is its largest city. It covers an area of about 446, 550 square kilometers, a little larger than Californaia, without much of a water area (Rick, of the movie Casablanca, was truly mistaken about the waters here).

The Morocco climate is Mediterranean in character, which means plenty of warm sunny days throughout the year. The winters are cool here. However, in the mountainous reaches of the country, the temperatures do go to extremes and it would do you good to stock yourself up accordingly.

You will get an idea about the Morocco population from the bustling marketplaces. But just for the statistics, it is the fourth most populous African country with the population figures touching 33,241,259 according to the 2005 census. The streets may be crowded but the Moroccan people are more warm and very friendly.

Most Moroccans are Sunni Muslims of Arab, Berber or a mixed descent. However, the country has more of a cosmopolitan look with many French and Spanish people taking up residence here. The officials Morocco languages are Berber, classical Arabic, but foreigners take heart. French is spoken widely here and is still the preferred language of the financial world, a hangover of the French rule. Spanish and English are the popular languages spoken out here.

The Morocco currency is Moroccan Dirham and presently 1 US dollar amounts to about 8.50481 Moroccan Dirham.

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